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Archimedes Foundation will help promoting Europe as a study destination

The Archimedes Foundation and its partners won the European Higher Education Area Marketing procurement that was announces by the European Commission. Archimedes teamed up with similar organisations from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France, as well as the ACA. The cost of the ‘Study in Europe’ project is nearly €3,5 million.
This means that the Estonian foundation is invited to innovate the concept that introduces learning opportunities in Europe, the grants offered by the EU and shows the area as the world’s most attractive learning place.
“For Estonia it is a great chance to work together with the most experienced education marketing countries. The UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France have been attracting young talents and the brightest minds to study in Europe for many decades,” said Eero Loonurm, the Head of Communications in Archimedes Foundation. “As internationalization during the last decades in the fields of higher education and research has been really successful, therefore we were invited to give our contribution to the European initiative”.
In the short run the beneficiaries of Study in Europe platform would be all the universities in Europe, but in the long run also the research centers, employers and governments. Study in Europe aims to help students worldwide find higher education study, scholarship and research opportunities in Europe. Besides that the consortium is going to deliver a series of 10 branded events (virtual events and higher education fairs) in strategically important areas all over the world, train higher education experts and renew the Study in Europe brand.
Study in Europe is a three year project contracted by the European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture for the European Union. It is being implemented by a consortium involving Academic Cooperation Association, Archimedes Foundation, British Council, Campus France, DAAD and EP-Nuffic. It is supported by an Advisory Group of national higher education promotion agencies across Europe.
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Eero Loonurm
Head of Communications
Archimedes Foundation

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