Erasmus+ funding for Youth aims to improve the key competences, skills and employability of young people, promote social inclusion and encourage improvements in youth work and youth policy at local, national and international level.

In the field of youth, the Erasmus+ programme has three main opportunities:

1. Mobility opportunities for young people and youth workers(youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service, youth workers mobility)
2. Strategic partnerships in the youth field and across sectors (youth field, education, work force etc)
3. Policy development - to support dialogue on youth policy issues and ensure the inclusion of youth

Who can apply for funding?
Erasmus+ is open to a youth (13-30), youth workers, different youth organisations and groups working with young people and other organizations/institutions interested in imporvements and development in the youth field.

Find more information on youth oppoprtunities in the Erasmus+ programme on European Commissions’ website.